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Mobile dog grooming Franklin TN, Mobile dog grooming Spring Hill TN, Mobile dog grooming Thompsons Station TN





PRICING:  The prices of a mobile groomer are higher than the average shop but the advantages to you and your dog far outweigh the cost!


Convenience.  The salon comes to you. You set the day and time and we show up.  No more loading your pet into the car, fighting rush-hour traffic, dropping off your pet, driving back home or work, waiting for the groomer to get to your pet, driving back to the groomer to pick-up, and finally driving back home only to have to clean your car.  You don't even need to be home!


Less Stress.  Your pet will be less stressed with a mobile groomer for many reasons.  First, your pet is handled with kindness and love by the same person (me) from start to finish.  Second, your pet will never be placed in a cage as in a shop setting waiting his turn.  My mobile grooming trailer is cleaned and disinfected after every pet (and plays a lot of Vince Gill in the background).  Finally, there is no exposure to other barking or sick dogs which allows for a quiet and relaxing grooming experience.


The pricing structure is based on size, temperament, coat type and length, and services requested.  If you have your dog groomed on a regular basis - every 4-8 weeks, your pricing should remain the same each visit.  I will be happy to discuss your dogs coat with you so we can determine a fair pricing structure.  Most small dog full grooms (hair cut not just a bath and blow dry) start at $90 and go up.  Most small dog baths start at $60 and go up.  These prices are all inclusive (with the exception of dematting and hand-stripping)


If you average the cost of using mobile grooming with all its convenience, stress free environment, and a fabulous cut out over a year's time, the cost is only approximately

$100 more per year or to break it down even more - that is only $8 more per month.  I believe your dog will appreciate it!  So what are you waiting for?  Call today! 


FLEAS AND TICKS:  If your dog has fleas or ticks, there will also be an additional charge for flea shampoo and a clean up fee of $20.  



DEMATTING, DESHEDDING AND HAND STRIPPING:  If your dog needs a lot of additional brushing to remove tangles or mats, the charge will be $1 per minute plus the bath price. Deshedding and handstripping are also $1 per minute plus the bath price. I will be more than happy to show you not only how to keep your dog's coat in top condition so this does not happen often but I can show you the tools and conditioners I use that will make your job easier. 





Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, and South Franklin.






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