Another valuable service is a deshedding treatment.  If you don't like all the hair that follows you around the house, then you will love this fabulous service!  Maintenance should be done every 8-10 weeks to keep the shedding to a minimum! 


Another service is the hand-strip.  This is great for the terrier group.  Hand-stripping promotes healthy skin and natural hair growth.  See pictures in the gallery.



Whether you want a breed standard cut, a short and sassy pet trim that allows your dog to look and feel their best while you enjoy the easy maintenance, or something completely different and creative - we can do it!  All the dogs are hand-scissored at the end of the groom to make them stand out in any pack!  And the best part is they are handled with LOVE!


Styling every 4-6 weeks is best to maintain consistency in your dog's cut and coat cleanliness.  We also offer a Face-Feet-Fanny service as well for those dogs needing just a little shape up. 

SERVICES:  Bathing ~ Styling ~Deshedding ~ Hand-Stripping



All the dogs receive a hydrating and massaging bath while enjoying only the most luxurious and non-irritating shampoos on the market.  They also get the royal treatment with a moisturizing conditioner.  All the dogs get hand-dried with a blow drier which is called fluff drying.  If extra pampering is called for how about a blueberry facial?  We can do that too!  Nail trims are included as well as ear cleaning.  Call today to get the best bath in all of Spring Hill, TN. 



  • Convenience.  The state-of-the-art salon comes right to your doorstep.

  • Time saver - no driving for you.

  • Quiet, calm, and relaxing atmosphere for your dog. 

  • Consistant cut and bathing.

  • No exposure to other barking dogs,,harmful coughs or parasites.

  • NO Cage time.

  • Hands-on service start to finish.

  • Less stressful for owner and dog.

  • The same groomer every time.

  • Services completed in 1-2 hours instead of an all-day event.

  • Easy sheduling - you do not even have to be home.  Mobile dog grooming for Spring Hill, TN, Thompons Station, TN and Frankling, TN!

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